This is MY Tree!

Yesterday I decided to look for windfall branches that I could paint white to look ghostlike, so I asked the gardeners at Writtle College if I could rummage through their huge compost and waste heap.  On my way there I tripped over a tree root and pulled it out, then found another and then another until I had a fantastic collection of tree root specimens.  When I finally got to the heap I discovered on it’s side a beautiful dead and gnarly old beech tree which had formally been part of a hedge.  I managed to lift it and as I could just about pick it up I decided that it would be perfect for my art installation in May on the Mundon Dead Oaks.  I borrowed a wheelbarrow from a gardening class to take the roots back to my studio on campus and managed to flag down someone in a tractor (a bit like hailing a taxi!) who kindly agreed to transport the tree back too.  So here it is, a beautiful dead tree that I carried in to the studio myself with roots added that I pulled out of the ground with my bare hands.  I think it will make an interesting addition to my art installation.


I don’t think I will be painting this one white though.

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1 Response to This is MY Tree!

  1. Crys Stewart says:

    Thanks for the Like! It’s wonderful to hear how people are putting windfall to good use.

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