Another Perspective of the Mundon Dead Oaks

I drove down country lanes in the dark, alighted from the car and waited until my eyes became adjusted to the moonlight. Standing in the expanse of field before me were the magnificent Mundon dead oaks. The moonlight was not strong enough for photography so I backlit this tree to show its beautiful sculptural branches. I didn’t have time to be spooked as the generator was loud and I was shouting instructions to my helper on how to direct the lights. Still I hope I have managed to create a dramatic picture that looks a little surreal and shows another perspective to this field of dead oak trees.

Web 72 -IMG_8340


About Marion's Eye

Photographer & Mixed Media Artist
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8 Responses to Another Perspective of the Mundon Dead Oaks

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    A very frightful and imposing figure. Great highlights, Marion! God bless their old souls.

  2. I’ve only checked out a couple of your photos–both of which I really like. Do you work promarily in black and white, or do you do color, too?

    • Marion's Eye says:

      Hi Celia, it depends on the subject. In my book ‘The Lonely Oaks’ I photographed the same subject over 2 months at different times of the day. I used colour for the sunrise and sunsets to emphasise the beauty of the sky and then black and white to create drama for the cloudy and textural shots. I also lit up some of the trees at night time and used a cyanotype filter to create a ghostly effect.

  3. sl4lifestyle says:

    Great pic. Looks like a lightning goes in it.
    Greetings, Sabine (sl4artglobal)

  4. Matt Allen says:

    Just a quick question please. Are you able to walk right up to the trees or is it private land that you’re not allowed on? Thanks 🙂

    • Marion's Eye says:

      Hi Matt, the trees are on private land but if you look on an OS map there is a public footpath that runs along two sides of them. You can park in the church car park, walk through the graveyard and you will see a gate and footpath which runs along the canal to the left.

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