Reach for the Sky wins award in IGPOTY

Reach for the Sky

I am thrilled to say that I had two images placed in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition.  Both were in the ‘Greening the City’ category.  I was a finalist for one and highly commended for the other.

I took both images whilst walking around Brisbane during my summer holiday last year.

Here is a link to the Guardian Cities article  which shows all the IGPOTY images in the Greening the City category.

This is a link to the IGPOTY website which shows all of the competition winners.

Writtle College press release.

I had an amazing day at Kew Gardens which included a champagne reception for the launch of the exhibition.  Here I am in front of one of my prints.


I also bought a copy of the IGPOTY 9 book and have a 2 page spread, which I am very proud to be part of as my work is alongside some very talented photographers.



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