Merry Christmas from Epping Forest

We were so lucky to get some snow on a Sunday this December. On the following day I woke up to rain near the coast so I dashed up to take some pictures. It was a very different picture in Epping Forest as I arrived in sleet and was rewarded with a few hours of whiteout and heavy snow. Apparently the best days were the snowy Sunday and sparkly icy conditions on the Tuesday. Typically I came up on the Monday whiteout and rain on Wednesday!

Web 72 -_DSC5072 (c) Marion Sidebottom

Web 72 -_DSC7467 (c) Marion Sidebottom

In November and December I accompanied two walking groups in the forest.  Both are organised by the Buckhurst Hill Community Association who do a range of activities for local people.  The first walk was run by Robert Levene and we walked from Earl’s Path.  It was a beautiful autumn day and so refreshing to be out in the forest. The second walk was led by Tricia Moxey at Lord’s Bushes and Knighton Woods.  She talked about the natural history of the area and we discussed the beautiful trees there. I love the fact that members of these walking groups have many different motivations to be there but all enjoy the sociability and being out in the forest during the different seasons.

More Introductions to Interesting Trees & People

Robert Levene and his walking group in Epping Forest

Robert Levene & his walking group in Epping Forest

Web 72 -_DSC7247 (c) Marion Sidebottom
Tricia Moxey’s walking group at Lords Bushes & Knighton Woods

The WRENS Group Tree Photography Exhibition

I was pleased recently to meet the WRENS Wildlife and Conservation Group at theTemple in Wanstead. I attended a short walk led by Tim Harris the Chairperson and then attended their beautiful exhibition with the theme ‘Trees in the Landscape’. I got the opportunity to talk to members about their images and then talked about my project and displayed a small selection of prints from my Ancient Trees of Epping Forest exhibition.

Web 72 -_DSC6981 (c) Marion SidebottomWeb 72 -_DSC6901 (c) Marion SidebottomWeb 72 -_DSC6984 (c) Marion Sidebottom


Despite the brief snow we had, Winter is one of my favourite times of the year for trees. You can really see the shape and form of the trees in all their glory. I particularly like the characterful shapes against dramatic winter skies and if you look more closely the textures and patterns in the bark. This little robin appeared at Lord’s Bushes during one of the winter walks. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever you are doing.

Web 72 -_DSC7211 (c) Marion Sidebottom.jpg

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