Ancient Trees & the People of Epping Forest Exhibition News

Over the last couple of months I have been busy preparing for my exhibition which will be at the gallery in the View Visitor Centre in Chingford from 3rd March until 2nd April (see link below for details). This is the culmination of my year’s artist residency at Epping Forest. I have met many interesting people along the way who have kindly allowed me into their lives to observe, photograph and interview them. Of course I have hundreds of images but as an artist I also want to interpret this information in my own unique way so you can see the forest through my eyes.

Web 72 -_DSC4424 (c) Marion Sidebottom

One of my favourite Beech trees in Epping Forest (self-portrait)


What will be at the exhibition?

There will be three elements to the exhibition.  The first will be a selection of portraits and documentary photography of the people I have met.  This includes individuals with connections to the forest, conservation groups, City of London staff and walking groups amongst many others.

Web 72 -_DSC6995 (c) Marion Sidebottom

Elke, one of the Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers

Secondly, I will have a slideshow of the tree story galleries as I do not have the space to exhibit them all. These will also be on my website and should be online just before the exhibition.  I have also taken audio recordings of people I have met and I will be collating these into soundbites to play at the exhibition. You can hear what it is like to work in the tree canopy and how can you tell what a fungi is by it’s smell.

Web 72 -_DSC7183 (c) Marion Sidebottom

Emma Gilmartin, PhD Student & researcher in the forest

Tree Story Photo Montages

The last part of the exhibition and one I am quite excited about are my tree story photo montages which evolved into artworks. To create them, I listened to the audio recordings, studied my images and thought about all the connections between the person/people and their link with the forest. I then collated my images into photo montages for each tree story which are multilayered both visually and in their meaning. This is the how I have made sense of what I have seen, heard and experienced during my time at Epping Forest. Below is a preview of one of the nine artworks. It is the story of a PhD Student Emma and her research into Beech tree heart rot in Epping Forest. Each one will be printed 90cm long so you will be able to see all the details.

Web Mycologist (c) Marion Sidebottom

#homeiswheretheheartrotis 1 of 9 tree story photo montages created during my artist residency in Epping Forest

I would be so thrilled if you can make it to the exhibition this March!

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