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Old Oak at Barn Hoppitt

A bit of research at Epping Forest this week, love this old oak at Barn Hoppitt.  You can actually crawl right through it underneath!

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Icelandic Troll

  They say if you look at the landscape long enough in Iceland you will see a troll. Can you see one in my picture? He has a curly horn, big forehead, moustache, beard and his huge arm is resting … Continue reading

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Ice Cave

Inside a glacial ice cave. Taken whilst glacier hiking in Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland. A splash of creative colour added whilst editing.

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Against All Odds!

This lime tree in Norfolk is refusing to give up!

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Reach for the Sky wins award in IGPOTY

I am thrilled to say that I had two images placed in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition.  Both were in the ‘Greening the City’ category.  I was a finalist for one and highly commended for the other. … Continue reading

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Physalis Fruit

This was created by photographing a physalis on a mirror with a 105 mm macro lens and a ring flash.  I then edited the image as usual i.e. contrast, clarity etc. and whitened the background.  I desaturated the leaves and then … Continue reading

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Glacier Lines

Taken in Iceland

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Rugged Icelandic horse

Iceland has the most beautiful horses.  I went there with some friends recently and we hired a car and drove around the usual tourist trails.  We had terrible weather but this was taken one morning during a brief break in the … Continue reading

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Otter and its pebble

This was taken at the Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, what an amazing conservation zoo!

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Common Knapweed

Common Knapweed taken in the grounds of Writtle College in Essex at the start of the English summer.  I love the spherical shape of the flowerheads and the fragility of the pinky/purple flowers when they open.  

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A magnificent stag stands statuesque in the glowing Autumn light

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Stag in Autumn Mist

Taken at Richmond Park in London during the rutting season

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